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Natural Soap

Two Sisters, One Vision

And the yellow mermaid came to existence. 

Our mission is to nourish everyone’s skin with

 healthy everyday essentials.

Life experience has taught us to look to nature as it provides everything we need.   We have treated our children and grandchildren, time and time again, with natural remedies passed along by our parents, grandparents and those we trust.  We understand that nourishing our skin is a vital part of a daily healthy skin care routine.

When skin is irritated or dry, small cracks can occur giving the skin unhealthy irritation which makes it more prone to infection. Our soap is hand made in small batches. Our recipes were constructed with detailed care and special attention to the essential oils necessary to maintain a rich and luxurious appeal. 


Each ingredient is hand-selected with a bias toward natural ingredients to help support your skin’s delicate balance, the secret to keeping it vibrant and lively.




“I must be a mermaid, rango.  I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living"
-Anais Nin

 our products


Made in small batches, handcrafted with

care and attention to detail.

Thoughtfully selected high quality ingredients,

essential oils, clays and butters. 

Relaxing scents and soothing blends leaving skin

moisturized and nourished.

 Formulated to have a beneficial balance of

lather and conditioning.

All of our products are free of animal-derived fats, oils

and synthetic detergents.  

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